In November 2001 a small group of community minded individuals banded together one late night at the old Nicky's Restaurant in Cornwall on Hudson. At this meeting the foundation for what would become the Cornwall on Hudson Special Events Committee  would be formed. 

            It was decided to bring a big city celebration to our small town in the form of a New Years Eve celebration modeled after the Times Square celebration in NYC. That year and every year since our community has celebrated the start of a New Year with our Annual New Years Eve Ball Drop from high above the Storm King building in the Village square. 

           Beginning in the summer of 2017 the committee brought summer movies to Donahue Memorial Park in Cornwall on Hudson.  On July 15, 2017 over 250 people attended attended the showing of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and with that the "Movies on the Hudson" summer movie series was born. 

         It is the committee's hope and desire to continue these traditions for the community. However, we cannot do it without your support. Whether it be financial, in the form of goods & services, or manual labor, it is vital towards the sustainability of these community events or any additional events that may be organized in the future.



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